Research in the lab

Research in Dr. Wang’s group integrates the knowledge and techniques in chemistry, materials science, biology, nanotechnology, and medicine to develop smart functional materials based on natural biomolecules (peptides, amino acid derivatives, protein and nucleotide), focusing on functions relevant to medicine. His research interests mainly focus on applying supramolecular assemblies of small molecules to explore and engineer living organisms; designing functional biomaterials for applications in materials chemistry and biomedicine (e.g., cancer therapy, imaging application, infectious diseases, and degenerative diseases).

Overview of research

1. Exploring biocompatible methods to promote the arrangement of designed molecules, and to investigate the relationship between chemical structure and chemophysical properties of assembly.

2. Constructing functional biocompatible soft materials (e.g., hydrogel) and explore its biomedical applications, especially biological macromolecules (nucleic acid and protein) delivery and immunotherapy.

3. Using bioinformatics to construct functional materials in living system that induced by endogenous stimuli or biocompatible catalyst from chemistry, and applied them in materials science and chemical biology.